Freestyle Writing is Good for the Soul

Tue, Feb 28, 2012



Have you ever tried to write like no one was reading?

Last Friday, Mark Levy led a fabulous workshop on better brainstorming at Pappas Group. My big takeaway was freestyle writing; I found it amazing and insightful to discover what I was really thinking. When we write our self-editor often hides what we really feel. If you write like no one is reading (because you don’t have to ever share it) you will see wonders in your mind, expressed on paper.

Take 10, 20 or 30 minutes everyday (maybe it’s a particular problem you want to tackle, or just about your upcoming day) and write it out. Set a timer (this is important), open a blank word doc or use pen and paper if you can handle the cramp, and starting typing. One rule: you can’t stop, for anything. This is not a Dear Diary lesson, it’s not necessarily about your feelings — it’s about releasing every single thought. Your mind will wander off topic and that’s exactly what you should write, every thought that’s in your mind no matter the subject. You can write about the fact that you’re not writing about the fact, just keep writing!

I was truly amazed by what I wrote on a personal matter, thoughts I never knew I was hiding from myself. Try it!



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